Saturday, October 07, 2006

Well it's that time of week. This week was a pretty good sketech week. Although I didn't get as mush drawing done as I would have liked. Any-way here it is. I just grabbed one of my sketech books from a couple of weeks back and took some of the doodles out(otherwise they'll never see the light of day).
Yada yoda...i'm done...enjoy...


Ben Reynolds said...

Yo Alan!! Awesome stuff man!! I've been checking your old blog for the longest time now..waiting for an update..and then I found this! I will update the link on my blog. Hope you're doing well looking at your sketches!

Richtoon said...

I'm gonna do the same.. And I'll add a comment on your old blog stating that you are now using this one.

Good stuff man! I promiss that I'll add more to my blog soon!!!

DAGGITT said...

man gorgeous shit here...finally you got something new, we have been waiting forever for this


Andrew Elbendari said...

HA found ya!

That last character design is AWESOME!

keep rockin'!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, I love the samurai guys, ! hillarious! and the dog warior awesome!

Dan McAction said...

Hey Alan,

I really like the knight girl: all the lines flow into each other, but she's still totally solid, and the designy feet fit in perfectly.

I've got a growing stack of inferior copies of your stuff.

You don't have a demo reel somewhere, do you?