Saturday, December 09, 2006

I thought I'd post something before the day gets too busy(going to the mall....seeing santa YAY!!! and so on... ) .Hope that didn't sound bad I acttualy love Christmas time.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool. I think 50's dads with chin beards are a sight we should see more often. Happy Holidays by the way.

Jason Robichaud said...

Yay its me!

Awesome job! I love the sweater :D GReat job!

AlanS said...

Hey thanks guys!

Dan McAction said...

Nice curve on the near hand's fingers - also: everything else.

Really nice girl knight a few posts below. I left a comment, mostly to ask - do you have a demo reel online anywhere? Or potentially online?

Anyway - festive wishes.

Jeremy Spears said...

hey nice drawing dude! keep it coming! So whats your story anyways? are you in school up there in Canad-ia?

AlanS said...

Dan: Sorry I don't have an online demo...Thanks for dropping in though.

Jeremy: Well My story is...I'm 27 married, 2 kids and have been in the industry for almost 2 years now.In the two years bouncing all over the place job wize. Started off doing design stuff for an overseas company(from my a hermet). Then I got into local studios doing key anim poseing(the poseing that's going overseas) then flash anim, then to Character designer , Then Key Anim supervisor. And during those times Teaching part time a the local college.(Fun EH!?.) Well I like it. Oh now I'm with Nelvana on one of there new shows doing desin (working from home..which is cool cause I'm with my family ..alot)Blah blah BLAH anyhoo...Thats my story!

Tune in next time for my dreams and thoughts on life!