Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Djordje Zutkovic said...

Alright! The expressions on the two mice poses look great. Nice foot study thing of the elephant. Cant wait to see more Alan!


Maximum Awesome said...

Sweet, new Alan stuff!

So rubbery, expressive and almost hyper-cartoony - almost even more cartoony than old Tex Avery stuff - but impeccably solid and constructed, in a flowing, natural way.

Dan J

Richtoon said...

Crazy!!!! Appealing!! I'd love to see a little animated flick of the elephant.. come on... I dare ya!!!

Mazlow said...

So this is what you've been working on since your last post, eh.
I like it. Those lines flow so nicely as if they were already part of the page. Keep the fans satisfied, show us more.

Oh, and drop by a sketch night one of these days


Ken Chandler said...

That elephant is incredible. But then all of your work is amazing. Inspiration stuff Alan!

AlanS said...


Djordje: I'm do'n more!

Maximum: Thanks ...where do yo ugo to school?

Rich: Thanks..I'm not going to lie, I probaly will not animate thes guys...Also they are my version of a design that already exists.

MaZ:Ya I will when I get a chance...(good to hear from you btw)

Ken:The original elephant wasn't designed by me (DAVE MacDougal...Very good artist) I just did my take on it .

Maximum Awesome said...

Alan: I'm going into 3rd year algonquin, but I meant I was literally your student in pre-animation 04 - the tall thin guy better at lifedrawing than character design.

I kind of forgot the password to my other google account.

-Dan J

Anonymous said...